In this week Lord’s Kitchen we had our large scale catering activity to provide a selection of dishes to students and staff for their lunches, as a sit down meal in the main hall. We split the class into 4 groups, with 3 students in charge of front of house and the 3 groups of 5 students making each of the menu options (see below), leaving Jason Lin (last year’s senior Masterchef winner) as head chef , in charge of the rest of the kitchen. We sold about 100 portions and feedback was amazing, with many students asking for this to be a regular event and have the hall available for sit down dining in the future.




SERVED 12:00PM – 1:00PM

– MEAT –

Chicken Schnitzel – served with Coleslaw – Salad

*Contains dairy products

– FISH –

Seafood Paella – Red pepper – Prawns – Scallops –

White fish

*Contains shellfish


Tomato Herb Cream Penne – Mushrooms – Red

Pepper – Olives

*Contains dairy products

No Service Charge

photo 1 (54) photo 2 (50) photo 3 (35) photo 4 (31)


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