What is involved in BTEC Hospitality?

The main focus of the hospitality program is to enable students to investigate and discover the diverse world of hospitality from a more practical perspective.  Through this discovery, students apply theoretical knowledge to real life scenarios and are given opportunities to develop skills directly relevant for their future careers.

  • Unit 1 -The Hospitality Industry
  • Unit 2 – Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 3 – Providing Customer Service in Hospitality
  • Unit 10 – European Food
  • Unit 12 – Contemporary World Food
  • Unit 18 – Marketing for Hospitality
  • Unit 22 – Planning and Managing a Hospitality Event

Course Aims

Students will be very much be engaging in both theoretical and practical learning on this course!

The core units aim to enable learners to understand the diversity and structure of the global hospitality industry. They will learn about the variety of jobs, the types of ownership, and also international differences in classifying food and hotel standards. Units develop an understanding of the importance of quality customer service, and this is highlighted through practical experience.

Two practical units will be based in the Food Technology rooms where students learn to produce a wide range of European and Contemporary world food.

These units come together in the planning and carrying out of a number of Hospitality events, which together with the practical application of the marketing unit studied, create a vibrant and truly vocational experience.

Recommended Knowledge

The BTEC Hospitality course at Island School is designed for students with an enthusiasm and interest in pursuing a career in the food, and hospitality industries.  All Students are welcome on the course and there is no requirement for prior knowledge of business and food technology. Throughout the course students will be expected to participate in a range of activities that involve group work, presentations and independent learning. The course will involve visits to businesses in Hong Kong as well as visits from guest speakers.  There is a compulsory work experience week and students will have the opportunity to take part in the BTEC study visit to an educational resort in Thailand to study the Hospitality industry in practice.


Assessment is carried out through the completion of Portfolios / coursework, which are internally assessed.

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