GCSE Engineering

So what is engineering?

Knowledge and Understanding


Year 10 is the first year of the two-year GCSE course. By the end of this year students will have been exposed to a large range of knowledge and skills by utilizing Focused Practical Tasks (FPT) which deliver specific knowledge and skills, designing and making assignments which enable students to follow a series of designing and making tasks (mini projects) or by a combination of both methods.

Year 11 is the final year of the GCSE course. By the end of this year students will have produced a coursework project that assimilates previous knowledge. Emphasis is placed upon producing a project that could be manufactured on an industrial scale.

Assessment / Outcomes

Year 10

  • Design and Make Project (formative – to reflect expectations for Coursework)
  • Mock examination (formative)

Year 11

  • Coursework (50% of total GCSE result)
  • External Exam (50% of total GCSE result)
  • Feedback on projects can be provided, but only in general terms. Self-assessment is on-going.

Skill Development

Subject Specific Skills Development

  • Systems and Control
  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
  • Pneumatics
  • Electronics
  • Product Design
  • Analysing
  • Designing
  • Testing
  • Modifying
  • Processes and manufacture
  • CAD/CAM (2D & 3D)
  • Applied Mathematical Modelling
  • Model making
  • Health and safety
  • Tools and equipment
  • Techniques and processes

Trans-disciplinary and Generic Skills Developed

  • Learning Technologies – CAD (Autodesk Fusion 360, Yenka Circuit Design, PCB Design & Make), CAM (Laser cutter, 3D printer), CNC (3 axis router)
  • Evaluation –self and peer
  • Problem solving –reviewing/analysis
  • Design and creativity – divergent/convergent thinking Numeracy
  • Communication
  • Time/Project management

Progression Route / Guidance

This course is highly suitable for students that are creative, enjoy designing and manufacturing and want to apply their maths skills to a real world environment.  It is strongly recommended for the study of IB Design and Technology.