Bakers of the Week Gallery

  • Chilled desserts Star Bakers – Ananth, Priya and Jasmine

    February 14, 2018 Chris Lord

    Well done to Ananth, Priya and Jasmine who won the 1st Star Baker awrd of the new Sweet Indulgence Elements class. They opted to make mint and chilli chocolate mousse with some amazing garnishes. It was really hard to decide this week though as there were some fabulous panna cottas, creme brulees, summer pudding  and cheese cakes.    

  • Sweet Indulgence magazine winners – Katarina, Natalie and Catherine

    January 31, 2018 Chris Lord

    Well done to Katarina, Natalie and Catherine who  produced the most professional and magazine to collate all of their groups cakes, pastrieds and desserts from the Sweet Indulgence Elements course. It was obvious that they had combined all their skills and used prior learning form past elements courses, such as Photography and Writers Block. We will now be looking into get their groups magazine published so it can sold at school fare and events.  

  • Sweet indulgence Show Stoppers – Star Bakers; Viren, DJ, Vanessa and Anya

    January 17, 2018 Chris Lord

    In the last opportunity to become star baker in this rotation of Sweet Indulgence, the student worked in their groups to make a Show stopper Tiered cake. The standard was amazing, with amazing mirror glaze, homemade lemon curd, Italian meringue, and cookie cakes, though the award went to Viren, DJ, Vanessa and Anya, for the macaroon covered cake. which Ms Leung decide was the the most professional and showed a great amount of skill.  Now it is all down to which group produces the best magazine , to see who wins the overall award for the course.   s

  • Sweet Indulgence visit the Art of Chocolate Museum – Star Bakers; Anya, Charlotte and Dhurv)

    November 23, 2017 Chris Lord

    This week the students in Sweet indulgence class visited the Art of Chocolate Museum at the Galleria on the Peak , where allthe exhibition are made from chocolate and confectionery. The student got a lesson on the history and economics of chocolate, then looked at the exhibitions, before meeting the artist and then being able to decorate their own Christmas chocolate bar. The artist and mangers of the museum decided on who decorated the bars the best and awarded star baker to   Anya, Charlotte and Dhurv.

  • If the choux fits! (Star Bakers – Anya, Jessica, Leanna, Charlotte and Vanessa)

    November 8, 2017 Chris Lord

    This week was the most technical yet for  this group of Sweet indulgence student, with the Choux pastry challenge. The students excelled in making selections of eclairs, profiteroles and puffs and it was evry difficult to choose the star bakers. However it vwas decided that Anya worked independently to make mini Paris Brest and Jessica, Leanna, Charlotte and Vanessa for using their skills they learnt in previous classes to decorate their products.  

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