Y13 BTEC Hospitality students cook the school lunches

Well done to all the Y13 BTEC Hospitality students, who today prepared,m cooked and served their own meals to serve to students and staff in the main at lunch. They have working in small teams for the last few weeks, to plan their meals and make sure it met all nutritional guidelines and fit in with the budgeting constraints of a school meal, as well ensuring it could all be cooking in time. All meals were sold for $25 and they served over 150 people in 30 mins, which is a great achievements. Here is the menu that students   and staff had to choose from.

Shredded Roasted Jerk Chicken with Rice and beans and stir fried vegetables


Filipino Seafood or Vegetable Noodle Stir fry with fresh spring roll


Beef and Vegetable Quesadilla with Coleslaw

The feedback was all extremely positive and the student worked extremely hard to ensure the quality was the best it could be and that everyone world be happy with the food they were served. Thanks to all the students involved and to everyone that came and supported the event


Homemade pasta week – Chefs of the week (Aika, Vanessa and Agastya)

Homemade Pasta week is always a favourite with the students and this week was no exception. Student made their own dough and had a work outr whilst rolling out the pasta dough and deciding on whether to make spaghetti or tagliatelle or a shape of their own making. They then learnt sauce tomate and veloute, two more of the mother sauces and decided which to make for their dish. Well done to Aika and Vanessa , who made a perfect dish with great working practices and teamwork and to Agastya who made his own filling for ravioli , going the extra mile


Week 6 (Mother Sauces) – Eggs Benedict Challenge. Chefs of the Week Piya and rachel

Thius week in Lord’s Kitchen we started to learn how to make the 5 mother sauces and we began by making a roux and adding milk to make it into a bechimel sauce to make macaroni cheese, which the students ate some for their lunch and the rest was kept to bake for the staff helping at Stra in Their Eyes tomorrow.

The second part of the lesson the students were challenged to copy Mr Lord’s demonstration of Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce. Mr Pawlyn, who is a self proclaimed Eggs Benedict connoisseur, came to judge and Piya and Rachel were awarded Chef of the Week, for having the perfect consistency of the their Hollandaise and professional and trendy  presentation

Week 4 Seafood (Paella)- Chefs of the Week (Kabir and Hamish)

Week 4 of Lord’s Kitchen saw the students tackle seafood. They had to scale and fillet fish, de-vein prawns, open scallop shells and clean squid. The students then learn how to use all their different types of seafood and make it into Spanish Paella, which they all took some home and then served some for the staff. Kabir and Hamish were awarded chef of the week, for there precise working practices and care and attention when preparing the fish and cooking the Paella.


Lord’s Kitchen (week 3 – Meat). Chefs of the week – Agastya, Aika and Onni

In week 3 of Lord’s Kitchen we see how squeamish the students are, by tasking them with jointing a chicken and to be fair, they all took to the job like pros. The all made platters of creamy chicken casserole from the breast, breaded baked thighs and drumsticks and deep fried sweet chili chicken wings. It was hard to decide on the Chefs of the week, but Aika was very quick to joint her chicken and then helped others and Agastya and Onni, showed excellent teamwork to prepare their platter

Lord’s Kitchen Week2 (Vegetable Cuts) – Chefs of the Week Rachel and Katarina

This week the new Commis chefs in Lord’s Kitchen were honing their knife skills, by practicing the julienne cut and making stir fry and then practicing their dicing and making a soup. Rachel and Katarina were awarded chef of the week for having the best working practices and the most uniform vegetable preparation

Lord’s Kitchen – Week 1 Chefs of the week (Mike, Vanessa and Justin)

Well done to Mike, Vanessa and Justin who were awarded the first Chef of the week, of the year in Lord’s Kitchen. They showed the best working practices in the omelette challenge, doing their mise-en-place perfectly and had good heat control when cooking the omelette.

ESF Chef Competition winners burger creation

The winners of the ESF Chef competition this year, got to spend a day at Butcher Club, as part of their prize. They got to design their own Burger for the September Burger takeover promotion, coming up with the Molten Chick Burger. Please enjoy the video of the day and be aware that all ESF students will receive $20 discount on each Molton Chicken Burger they buy during September, if they show their student card

Principles cocktail party reception refreshments – Chefs of the week (Natalie and Chloe)

Big thanks and well done to Natalie and Chloe, who came in last Friday, on their day off to make a selection of sweet and savoury finger food for the Mr Binge and all the other returning principle and their guests, ahead of the 50th anniversary block party.  They made a large selection of different canapes and tarts nd they looked fantastic and tasted even better.


ESF Chef final

On Friday 26th May at West Island School the annual ESF Final was held and the brief was set for all contestants to produce a two course meal (main and dessert) that would be suitable to be served at ESF’s 50th Anniversary gala meal.

In the Junior section from Island school were Jordyn and Anya who made Salmon en Croute with mango Salsa and Medley of Mango for dessert. The competition was very close in the Juniors. with only a few points perpetrating  first and last place, and Jordyn and Anya were just shy of being in the the top three. Well done to Discovery College who won the Junior round this year


Ethan represented Island school in the seniors and decided to make an Asian style Beef wellington with   wasabi Mash and then a Croque en Bouche (profiterole tower) for dessert. He received special mention for how good his choux pastry work was and was 3rd place. Well done to South Island whoi won the Seniors this year and will be hosting next year.