Lord’s Kitchen Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Lord’s Kitchen students finished out there Elements course in style today,  with a large scale production task to make and sell pulled pork sandwiches. Everyone had their own role and we set up a production line to sell the sandwiches and overall 91 were sold to students and staff and another 20 were eaten by the class. The feedback was outstanding with many people requesting them on a weekly basis


Lord’s Kitchen “Tasty Style” Video – Winner Piya Hardasani

Well done to Pita who won the “Tasty Style” Video competition in lord’s Kitchen this Elements course. Her Korean Pork Sliders were fantastic and she edited the video together very professionally

Check it,out here and give them a go: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=zpB4YUZcsIM



Lord’s Kitchen (Textures of ………. Week) – Cherf of the Week Agastya

In this final practical challenge, students were asked to make a “textures of ” dish, where they take one or two ingredienst and work out how they can create different texture that will make up the final dish. There were some very interesting plates, with Katarina, Hamish and Kabir making a dish that consisted of Nutella, pancakes, Nutella, brownies, Nutella, Ice-cream, Nutella Power and Nutella Cookies,  however this did not quite win. Agastya worked by himself and was extremely creative with his Texture of Purple Carrot, with Mustard Ice-Cr team, which included, crisps, puree, juice, crumble, roasted and pickled carrot. and was plated to fine dining standard. Well done!


Lord’s Kitchen Last supper

The Lord’s Kitchen Elements class were the last group to cook in the Food rooms before the relocation and they saw off the rooms in style, cooking a wonderful Christmas lunch. Students were all given a different task to complete so we had all the accompaniments for the turkey that Mr Lord had cooked earlier.  Nop we can’t wait to get into the new kitchens in Sha Tin.

Creative dessert Collaboration – Chefs of the week (Aika, Agastya, Justin)

This week in Lord’s Kitchen, students we asked to bring their favorite fruit or sweet treat, then  they were put into random pairs or trios to design and a make a dessert, using their ingredients combination. After 20 mins brainstorming and planning the studesnt got down to making the different components of their desserts and the kitchen was a frenzy of cakes, meringues, mousses, sauces and souffles. The Chefs of the week Aika, Agastya and Justin were decided by Ms Leung who came to give her professional opinion of the presentation  and deiced that these three had collaborated the best and had challenged themselves, as they had even tried some molecular gastronomy to make coffee spherifications to go with the chocolate and pomegranate dessert.


Risotto Challange – Chef’s of the week (Nathaniel, Justin and Steven)

Well done to Nathaniel, Justin and Steven, who were awarded Chef of the week  in Lord’s Kitchen for their Risotto. Students were shown how how to make a basic risotto and then were tasked to elevate it to restaurant standard, with their own ingredients and the way they garnished the dish. Nathaniel has the best flavoured risotto as he used seafood stock, prawns and scallops and Justin and Steven had the perfect texture and great presentation for theirs, with a Parmesan crisp. All the students were looking forward to making it again at home to perfect it.



Homemade pasta week – Chefs of the week (Aika, Vanessa and Agastya)

Homemade Pasta week is always a favourite with the students and this week was no exception. Student made their own dough and had a work outr whilst rolling out the pasta dough and deciding on whether to make spaghetti or tagliatelle or a shape of their own making. They then learnt sauce tomate and veloute, two more of the mother sauces and decided which to make for their dish. Well done to Aika and Vanessa , who made a perfect dish with great working practices and teamwork and to Agastya who made his own filling for ravioli , going the extra mile


Week 6 (Mother Sauces) – Eggs Benedict Challenge. Chefs of the Week Piya and rachel

Thius week in Lord’s Kitchen we started to learn how to make the 5 mother sauces and we began by making a roux and adding milk to make it into a bechimel sauce to make macaroni cheese, which the students ate some for their lunch and the rest was kept to bake for the staff helping at Stra in Their Eyes tomorrow.

The second part of the lesson the students were challenged to copy Mr Lord’s demonstration of Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce. Mr Pawlyn, who is a self proclaimed Eggs Benedict connoisseur, came to judge and Piya and Rachel were awarded Chef of the Week, for having the perfect consistency of the their Hollandaise and professional and trendy  presentation

Week 4 Seafood (Paella)- Chefs of the Week (Kabir and Hamish)

Week 4 of Lord’s Kitchen saw the students tackle seafood. They had to scale and fillet fish, de-vein prawns, open scallop shells and clean squid. The students then learn how to use all their different types of seafood and make it into Spanish Paella, which they all took some home and then served some for the staff. Kabir and Hamish were awarded chef of the week, for there precise working practices and care and attention when preparing the fish and cooking the Paella.


Food Lover and Lord’s Kitchen Curries

Many thanks and big well doen to all the Food Lovers Guide and Lord’s Kitchen students who helped make all the curries and accompaniments for the Quiz and Curry night yesterday. The Lord’s Kitchen  class made 4 different curries, lamb, fish, chicken and vegetable and the Food lovers made samosas, pakoras, bhaji, naan bread and chapatis. They served over 120 quizzers and the feedback was fantastic.

A big thanks goes out to the students that also came to help and especially to Mwenda and Esther from the Y13 BTEC Hospiality class who came to supervise the service