Chilled desserts Star Bakers – Ananth, Priya and Jasmine

Well done to Ananth, Priya and Jasmine who won the 1st Star Baker awrd of the new Sweet Indulgence Elements class. They opted to make mint and chilli chocolate mousse with some amazing garnishes. It was really hard to decide this week though as there were some fabulous panna cottas, creme brulees, summer pudding  and cheese cakes.



Island School ESF Cshef competition 1st round (Senior) – Winner Jennifer Frawley (12F)

The ESF chef competition got of to a great start at Island school at Island school on Friday, with 2 competitors from all six houses being put through their culinary paces with a creative  challenge. Students took in in turns to pick from either cooking chicken or salmon or hallouni, then had a range of carbohydrates and vegetables to pick from. They then had one hour to create a dish to present to the judges. The standard was extremely high and with only 6 places in second round, so was the tension. After much deliberating the scores were in and Jenifer Frawley wasbnamed the winner with her sweet and sour creation.

The final placings of students going through to the next round were’

6th Adeline Tam (N)
5th Natalie Leung (W)
4th Natasha Wang (W)
3rd Natalie Wong (F)
2nd Ritika Sadarangani (R)
1st Jennifer Frawley (F)
Well done to all the students who took part and represented their house.

Sweet Indulgence magazine winners – Katarina, Natalie and Catherine

Well done to Katarina, Natalie and Catherine who  produced the most professional and magazine to collate all of their groups cakes, pastrieds and desserts from the Sweet Indulgence Elements course. It was obvious that they had combined all their skills and used prior learning form past elements courses, such as Photography and Writers Block. We will now be looking into get their groups magazine published so it can sold at school fare and events.


Lord’s Kitchen Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Lord’s Kitchen students finished out there Elements course in style today,  with a large scale production task to make and sell pulled pork sandwiches. Everyone had their own role and we set up a production line to sell the sandwiches and overall 91 were sold to students and staff and another 20 were eaten by the class. The feedback was outstanding with many people requesting them on a weekly basis


Lord’s Kitchen “Tasty Style” Video – Winner Piya Hardasani

Well done to Pita who won the “Tasty Style” Video competition in lord’s Kitchen this Elements course. Her Korean Pork Sliders were fantastic and she edited the video together very professionally

Check it,out here and give them a go:



Lord’s Kitchen (Textures of ………. Week) – Cherf of the Week Agastya

In this final practical challenge, students were asked to make a “textures of ” dish, where they take one or two ingredienst and work out how they can create different texture that will make up the final dish. There were some very interesting plates, with Katarina, Hamish and Kabir making a dish that consisted of Nutella, pancakes, Nutella, brownies, Nutella, Ice-cream, Nutella Power and Nutella Cookies,  however this did not quite win. Agastya worked by himself and was extremely creative with his Texture of Purple Carrot, with Mustard Ice-Cr team, which included, crisps, puree, juice, crumble, roasted and pickled carrot. and was plated to fine dining standard. Well done!


Sweet indulgence Show Stoppers – Star Bakers; Viren, DJ, Vanessa and Anya

In the last opportunity to become star baker in this rotation of Sweet Indulgence, the student worked in their groups to make a Show stopper Tiered cake. The standard was amazing, with amazing mirror glaze, homemade lemon curd, Italian meringue, and cookie cakes, though the award went to Viren, DJ, Vanessa and Anya, for the macaroon covered cake. which Ms Leung decide was the the most professional and showed a great amount of skill.  Now it is all down to which group produces the best magazine , to see who wins the overall award for the course.



8N Cereal Bar winners – Ethan and Will

Well done to Ethan and Will, who were voted as the Nansen winners of the cereal bar challenge the Healthy eating Life skills lesson. All of 8N tried each of the different groups cereal bar products and rated them on texture and taste. There Krispy-crunch bar was just the right level of sweetness, whilst being firm, but crunchy. Thye will go up against all the the other form winners in the end of year final.




Yorkshire Food and Culture Querst week video

Enjoy some the highlights from the recent trip Island School trip to Yorkshire

Lord’s Kitchen Last supper

The Lord’s Kitchen Elements class were the last group to cook in the Food rooms before the relocation and they saw off the rooms in style, cooking a wonderful Christmas lunch. Students were all given a different task to complete so we had all the accompaniments for the turkey that Mr Lord had cooked earlier.  Nop we can’t wait to get into the new kitchens in Sha Tin.