Yorkshire Food and Culture Querst week video

Enjoy some the highlights from the recent trip Island School trip to Yorkshire

Lord’s Kitchen Last supper

The Lord’s Kitchen Elements class were the last group to cook in the Food rooms before the relocation and they saw off the rooms in style, cooking a wonderful Christmas lunch. Students were all given a different task to complete so we had all the accompaniments for the turkey that Mr Lord had cooked earlier.  Nop we can’t wait to get into the new kitchens in Sha Tin.

Island School visits Yorkshire in Quest Week

During this years Quest Week, 21 students traveled to Yorkshire to experience the food and culture. The trip involved a great mix of activities. that gave them in insight into the history of the area and gave them the chance to indulge in the local cuisine. The cultural experiences included; the Jorvik Viking Museum, Eden Camp 2nd World War Museum, York Dungeons, The National railway museum, Whitby abbey, where Dracula was set and hiking on North York Moors. The foodie activities included visiting many restaurants and meeting the chefs,  cooking at Malton cookery school, cheese tasting at Shepherds Purse Creamery, visiting a diary farm and petting 2 week old calves  and learning about York’s chocolate heritage.   The students had a fantastic time and loved the week away in Gods own country.



Sweet Indulgence visit the Art of Chocolate Museum – Star Bakers; Anya, Charlotte and Dhurv)

This week the students in Sweet indulgence class visited the Art of Chocolate Museum at the Galleria on the Peak , where allthe exhibition are made from chocolate and confectionery. The student got a lesson on the history and economics of chocolate, then looked at the exhibitions, before meeting the artist and then being able to decorate their own Christmas chocolate bar. The artist and mangers of the museum decided on who decorated the bars the best and awarded star baker to   Anya, Charlotte and Dhurv.

Cereal bar – 8F Winners (Sam, Tia and Olivia)

Well done to Sam, Tia and Olivia who created their Banana Na Na Bites o winner for Fleming in the Healthy eating community time challenge and will go through to the final against all the other form winners.

If the choux fits! (Star Bakers – Anya, Jessica, Leanna, Charlotte and Vanessa)

This week was the most technical yet for  this group of Sweet indulgence student, with the Choux pastry challenge. The students excelled in making selections of eclairs, profiteroles and puffs and it was evry difficult to choose the star bakers. However it vwas decided that Anya worked independently to make mini Paris Brest and Jessica, Leanna, Charlotte and Vanessa for using their skills they learnt in previous classes to decorate their products.


Pies, tarts and puffs – Star bakers (Katarina, Charlotte and Catherine)

Sweet Indulgence this week was all things pastry, with students either making their own shortcrust or using frozen puff pastry as a standard component.  We had a vast array of dishes on offer, from Egg Tarts to Apple Pies, to Mille Feuille. the star bakers, Katarina, Charlotte and Catherine were awarded for the professional working practices whilst collaborating to make perfect chocolate plaits and a seasonal pumpkin pie.

Creative dessert Collaboration – Chefs of the week (Aika, Agastya, Justin)

This week in Lord’s Kitchen, students we asked to bring their favorite fruit or sweet treat, then  they were put into random pairs or trios to design and a make a dessert, using their ingredients combination. After 20 mins brainstorming and planning the studesnt got down to making the different components of their desserts and the kitchen was a frenzy of cakes, meringues, mousses, sauces and souffles. The Chefs of the week Aika, Agastya and Justin were decided by Ms Leung who came to give her professional opinion of the presentation  and deiced that these three had collaborated the best and had challenged themselves, as they had even tried some molecular gastronomy to make coffee spherifications to go with the chocolate and pomegranate dessert.


Y12 BTEC Hospitality Staff Lunch

Well done to all the Y12 BTEC Hospitality students, who designed and made their own meals in groups today, to serve to staff at lunch. There was a really varied and interesting menu, which gave staff a difficult choice for which team to eat from. Staff then paid a contribution of what they felt it was worth and filled in feedback questionnaires, to help the students evaluate the success of the service.

Red Team:

Stir fry Seafood Vietnamese Noodles with Vegetable Spring Roll

Yellow Team:

Korean Spicy Beef and Broccoli Served with Brown Rice

Green Team:

Quinoa bean Burger with a side of sweet potato fries and garlic coleslaw


Thai Chicken Satay, with steamed vegetables, and Coconut Rice.

(peanut sauce on the side)


The feedback was fantastic and students enjoyed the event so much they wanted to do it more regularly and staff would be very happy with this.

Enriched Bread Doughs – Star Bakers: Jorja, Vanessa, Natalie, Catherine & Anya

Sweet Indulgence this week saw the student getting down with the dough, making products like doughnuts, Chelsea buns and bagels. Students learnt about the science behind perfect enriched bread dough and gluten formation, as well as the importance of uniformity of the products if they were to be sold.

It was extremely hard to decide on Star bakers this week, so we ended up with 5 students getting the accolade. Jorja and  Vanessa for attempting the very challenging Rainbow bagels, which they baked and fried to do a comparison. Natalie and Catherine for their Halloween themed pumpkin and chocolate ring doughnuts, which looked fantastic and tasted great and Anya who worked indiscreetly to make both chocolate doughnuts and Chelsea buns, which had the perfect texture.