This year we tried a new way of addressing aspects of Digital Literacy with Year 8’s and asked them to research a topic and present their understanding in the form of an infographic.  The students used a tool called Canva to help them with this task.  There were many good examples coming out from the students.  Here are a few…please click to see larger images of the work.

Claire LEE [08R]_1729996_assignsubmission_file_Project 2- Online Relationships and social media Cyberbulling (1) Deven GANGWANI [08W]_1755423_assignsubmission_file_Online Secuurity(Deven, Stephen, Alessandro) Evan WU [08R]_1729258_assignsubmission_file_Security Threats (Evan, Andre  Travis) Jaimie LAU [08W]_1758123_assignsubmission_file_Social Media Info-graphic (Jaimie, Sophia, Skye) Jim KONG [08W]_1757586_assignsubmission_file_unnamed Nicole TAM [08W]_1761368_assignsubmission_file_Social media and relationships infographic Rachael ADAMS [08W]_1749774_assignsubmission_file_digital footprint and online identity Ringo TEAHAN [08R]_1730359_assignsubmission_file_1


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