Designer of the week 30th Apr 15

Ann and Anna (Y10) of the 3D Product Design Elements class took on a nautical theme this week in the “Speed Innovation Challenge”.  Students were tasked with designing an making an innovative product from a set list of materials, with only 3 hours to brainstorm, design, develop and manufacture!

All outcomes were impressive given the time and resource restrictions, with two designers, Ann He (10E) and Anna Choi (10W),  sailing away with the most intricate design.  They produced an ornamental, nautical compass from only two of their available resources (sustainable minds?) and applied some advanced metalworking skills (on the metal working lathe) to engineer precise fittings for their compass.

Each pair will be applying their best sales tactics to try and persuade the remainder of the class to invest in their product, based on their competitive marketing strategies.  Will it be sink or swim for the designers of the week?  Find out next week!


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