The term the Technology Faculty is putting a spot light on Creativity and really trying to address how we not only provide creative opportunities to students but also teach them explicitly how they can be more creative. One creative strategy that can be employed is called, “Change the Process”. Linked to this is another technique called, “Look at the tools”. The purpose of these provocations is to get us to consider what we habitually do when faced with design problems and the tools we tend to use to solve them. These year 9 experimented with a technique called scaffiti to develop random organic forms and then selected sone of these forms to cut out of paper. Through folding and cutting the students could further explore and develop forms related to their lighting project.

They have also tried to develop from this exercise and from research through their pintrest accounts some sketch work. Again we tried to make small changes by using coloured paper and pencil rather than plain white. This not only presented ideas more interestingly visually but also prevents rubbing out!







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