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Thanks to Ms Tirasina in Business studies, who allowed me to come and get idea’s on researching techniques for using in Design technology lessons.

The focus of the lesson was using 6 hat thinking to investigate the marketing mix of 2 different companies (one service and one product, eg. Cathay Pacific and Apple)



I learnt that there are many different ways of using 6 hat thinking. different students can have a hat each and take on that role for a specific task or students can be given a set of hat s to use to investigate.


The main thing that pupils told me was that had realized after using this techniques for research and investigation, that it is important to consider each hat and not just one. For example it would be good to just be a white hat, without considering emotions and having a red hat on. It is therefore important to have a bit of each hat in you thinking skils. I will definately be using this in DT lessons soon.


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