As part of the Y13 BTEC Business studies course, the students were split into 3 teams and each team was gioven $300 to spend on ingredients and materials and were given a stall at the winter fare. They were then asked to go away and plan there stall and were given a 3 hours slot in the food room, to make their products.

The 3 teams were

The Baking Boys and decided to make Triple Chocolate Brownies with fudge sauce.

Gumdrop buttons making Cupcakes

Puff flex making sweet and savory pasties.

photo 4 (27) photo 5 (21) photo 3 (28)

The baking was on the whole a great success, with only Puff flex encountering any problems, as some of the sweet white chocolate pasties had quite a bit of leakage and therefore could not be sold. Gumdrop buttons, worked excellently together and produced high volume of consist cupcakes, very good collaboration. The Baking Boys produced a high quality luxury product which they then cleverly packaged.

photo 5 (24) photo 4 (30) photo 3 (30) photo 4 (29) photo 4 (28) photo 3 (29)

At the winter fare The Baking boys sold out first with there 35 portions of brownies being very popular,The Cupcakes being sold for $10 each sold at steady pace and eventually sold out, but the pasties, didn’t quite sell out and they had a bit of waste from the exploded chocolate pasties.

All profits were going the Masarang Foundationon and after they had repaid their $300, paid their stall rent the final totals were

The Baking Boys – $700

Gumdrop buttons making Cupcakes – $646

Puff flex making sweet and savory pasties $134


This makes The Baking boys the winning team in terms of profit, but Gumdrop Buttins, won the teamwork award.


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  1. C Tirsina December 8, 2014 at 3:34 am - Reply

    Thank you Mr Lord for all your hard work on this project! The students learnt a great deal from you and they enjoyed taking part in this activity. I also got to enjoy the outcome of all of their planning and preparation: the delicious cupcakes, brownies and pastries!
    I was particularly impressed with the team that came in (a close) second: they displayed excellent organisation, planning, communication and team-working skills. If this was the real Apprentice, I definitely would have hired them!

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