Today we finished our Lord’s kitchen course with a trip ICON hotel, with the Y12 IB food students coming along to help them with their research for their Kitchen design project.

The trip consisted of a tour of all kitchens in the hotel, including the huge banquet kitchen, the chinese kitchen, butchery and seafood prep kitchen and the western kitchen as well as the delivery/checking and storage areas. The tour culminate in demonstration in the pastry kitchen by chef Danny and then buffet lunch at the Market Garden restaurant. Pupils loved seeing behind the scenes at this massive establishment and enjoyed getting involved in the pastry kitchen and sampling all the different styles of cuisines available for lunch.

photo 1(6) photo 2(7) photo 3(5) photo 5(3) photo 4(6) photo 5(4) photo 4(7) photo 3(6) photo 2(8) photo 1(7) photo 3(7) photo 4(8) photo 5(5) photo 2(10) photo 1(8)



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