Big thank-you and well done to the Y10 GCSE Food Tech students and Y12 IB Food students who prepared all the food for the presenters after the Higher education Fare.

The Y10 students were in charge of sandwiches and they initially all designed their own, using different types of bread filling and we decided on the best 5. We then turned this into a production line activity to show how to mass produce. There were 5 groups and each group had to make 80 sandwiches. One group even made their own dough and flat breads.

Sandwich menu

Mexican Chicken and Guacamole Wrap

Phili Cheese Steak cocktail bun

Bacon Club sandwich

Tuna Mayo sandwich

Roast Vegetable flatbread


The Y12 students came up with lots of ideas for sweet and savoury snacks/canapes and then we discussed the feasibility of each on before deciding the 9 which made up a nice balanced menu which was challenging, but manageable.

Savoury Snacks

Deviled Eggs Puffs

Vegetable Samosa’s

Smoked Salmon Mini Quiche

Cheese Straws and dips

Chicken and Mushroom pies

Hoi Sin Duck Spoons

Sweet Snacks

Scones with jam and cream

Mini Cupcakes



Everything turned out fantastic and the pupils who stayed to help serve received lots of compliments


photo 1 (58) photo 2 (55) photo 3 (38) photo 4 (35) photo 2 (56) photo 3 (39) photo 4 (36) photo 5 (28)


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