Today Island school held the first of three school rounds to determine the who will eventually represent the school in the ESF Final in June. Each house could enter 2 competitors from either Y10 or Y12 and the pupils were give the brief “Creative with Pasta” and had 45 mins to prepare and cook their dish.

There was a total of 10 competitors and the standard of food produced and served to the 4 judges was exceptional and the judges could each award of total of 15 marks for the creativity and sensory qualities of each dish. ten additional points could then be added to this score for the organisation, skills and working practices, decided upon by Mr Lord.

photo 1 (61) photo 2 (59) photo 3 (41) photo 4 (38) photo 5 (29) photo 1 (62)  photo 3 (42)photo 2 (60)

Well done to the following students who made it through to the next round, where the brief is a chilled dessert in 45mins

1st place Ravin Schmidl 12E (60/70 points) Who is now Chef of the week!


2nd Adrian Li  12D (59)

3rd Kaela-Mei Townson 10W (54)

Joint 4th – Linda Zhu 12W, Daniel Meerovitsch 10F, Katherine Nye 12R (52)

photo 1 (64) photo 2 (62) photo 1 (63) photo 1 (67) photo 2 (66)photo 2 (56)

Commiserations to Ethan Li, Lindie, Gaultney, Perry Chan and Ttaka Hoshiyama, who just missed out on making the next stage of thge competition.

photo 5 (30)photo 3 (44)photo 1 (65)

Also a big thank you to the judges (Ms Astridge, Nitin, Alvin and Claudia), Ms Reid and her camera crew and Mr Chan and Jason Lin who kept a watchful eye on the judging process

photo 3 (43)

photo 2 (57) photo 3 (40) photo 4 (37) photo 2 (58)

photo 4 (41)


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