Well done to all the competitors who enter the Masterchef competition and represented their house. Each house could enter 2 pairs in the competition and the competitors were given the simple brief of creative with Rice  This gave us a real range of dishes from Mango Sticky Rice with chocolate sauce to Risotto balls., and butter chicken to chocolate rice pudding. As You can see the food looked amazing!


photo 1 (72)photo 2 (71)photo 3 (50)photo 4 (45)photo 1 (73)photo 2 (72)photo 3 (51)photo 5 (34)photo 4 (46)


AWell done to the following students who got through to the next round.

In Joint 1st Place Ottavia De Roas and Lucy Acheson form Rutherford and Chiara Dadamo and Avantika Malhotra from WQilberforce, they are this weeks Chef’s of the Week

photo 1 (70)


photo 5 (33)


In Third  Place also from Wilberforce was Jorja Townsono and Charlotte Wong

photo 2 (68)

Making up the last 3 places is school sheats was Megan Lam & Chiara Postacchini from Einstein,    Koki Takamatsu and Riya Zaveri  from Nansen and finally Libby Moser and Nicole So from Rutherford. Well done to all the competitors though . It was very close

photo 3 (47)photo 3 (48) photo 1 (71) photo 2 (70) photo 3 (49) photo 4 (44)  photo 5 (32)photo 4 (43)photo 1 (69)photo 2 (69)


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