Last Friday saw the exciting semi finals of Masterchef at Island School, with the Juniors being challenged to make a Meat-free dish to encourage people to eat less meat and the Seniors a dish to showcase herbs from  the school garden, both in 45min time-frame. The judging  was as always tough and panel of teachers and students finally came up y\with their winners in each section

In Seniors Ayesha Shahani won with her Tart filled with mint and lavender chocolate Ganache

IMG_2826 IMG_1979

In Juniors Jenny Wang and Valerie Lee won with their Mushroom Tagliatelle

IMG_1989 IMG_2210

Also Going Through from Senoirs is Claudia in 2nd place with her Thai Beef Salad

IMG_2179 IMG_2203

and Hitesh with he Pesto Pasta in a Parmesan Basket


From Juniors in 2nd place, by only 1 pint were Alessandro Lucchini and Yash Anand with their Aubergine parmigiana  and Jason Qiu  & Jordyn Dubinsky with their Macaroni Cheese pie

IMG_1993 IMG_2189  IMG_1985 IMG_1984 IMG_2163

Well done to all the other competitors who didn’t quite make it through, the standard as once again really high

IMG_2895 IMG_2896



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