Today In the Food Lovers Guide to Culture the pupils were asked to make a Buffet of Mongolian Foods, for the Khusugtun Orchestra/Choir that were coming into school to do a performance. This was obviously a daunting task, making traditional foods for peopel that know exactly what it should look and taste like. However the pupils took up the challenge and showed some amazing teamwork to produce a few different Buuz’s (Mongolain Dumplings) and stir-fry dishes, all served with tradition salty milk tea. The Khusugtun choir was very impressed and said that we were close to tures spo DSC_0118DSC_0027DSC_0033DSC_0048DSC_0084DSC_0089t on!


After we had all eaten and cleared away, we got enjoy the amazing performance of throat singing, long song and acontortionist.


Here a link to them playing at the Royal Albert Hall



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