Today in our Elements class, students were given the challenge to make a traditional roast dinner. As usual, they worked in groups to come up with the different dishes that make up the dinner. Although this was meant to be a traditional roast dinner, many students came up with their own variations and interpretations of the different components. It was pleasing to see the different influences from different cultures and cuisines that students are familiar with being brought into this task. The winning teams were as follows:

Mr Lord’s Class: 

Julian Underwater
jordan Wathall
Wouter Meijer
Alessandro benenati
Lee Pinfold
photo 2 (13)
Miss Chisulo’s class
Michelle Phillips
Jemma Keefe
Eugenia Liu
Miharu Yamaguchi
Jacqueline Tam

image (2)20150416_132634   11157902_898245566884087_961140426_n photo 4 (11) photo 2 (12) photo 1 (18)

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