Healthy pots of pasta, original costumes and a catchy logo won Nansen 2 the top prize in the second Tech Day competition, 24th March 2015.

Tech Day is a challenge event were teams of Year 8 students are given a brief to produce a cooked product, promotional material, uniforms, and branding. The teams appoint a project manager and promotional staff. The project manager then divides the team into groups who go to different tech rooms to cook dishes, make display stands and stitch uniforms. The teams use social media to communicate during the day to talk about their ideas and share their progress.

Once all the products are ready the teams display their work and then judge each other with help from their teachers.

Head of ICT & Technology Mark Roper: “The amount the students learn in a day is wonderful. At the end of the day I ask them to tell me what went well, and what did they learn and it is great to see their skills develop and team work.”

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Frist Nansen 2, Second Wilberforce 2, Third with equal points Nansen 1, Rutherford 2 and Rutherford 1. Forth Wilberforce 1

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