In week 6, the class took a trip to Complete Deelite, where they took part in an Advanced Piping Skills workshop. The Wilton trained instructors demonstrated a range of piping skills, using different techniques with different nozzles. Then students were given an opportunity to put what they had learnt into practice. Each student was given their own cake to decorate. When Mr Lord announced that he was looking for the best cake decorator to crown chef of the week, there was a lot of excitement, with every student trying their best to create a design worthy of the title. In the end, the decision was left to the instructors to choose the winner. This proved to be a difficult decision even to our instructors, because there were so many beautiful and creative designs. Eventually, Farrah Ullah’s cake was chosen best for the range of different techniques she used and her professional finish. Claudia Lau’s cake was chosen for her consistency and the overall design. Aiden Kent’s cake was chosen as the best cake among all the boys. Although only three people came out tops, everyone put a lot of effort into their work and they produced some fantastic designs. Students were also commended for their good behaviour. Well done everyone that went on this trip.IMG_3323.JPG











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