The unit on Logos Year 8’s do is part of their Media Literacy awareness in Digital literacy.  We spend a number of weeks developing skills with vector graphics software before deconstructing logos and how they communicate.  We work on typography, colour and shape before anlaysing a brief and developing ideas for that brief.  Below are some of the best outcomes from this unit across the year.  Well done all those whose work is featured.

LorenzoLogosmall Vector Graphics presentation poster (2) (3) (2) Suvi's Final Logo Rachel's-Final-Logo-design Logo Final Design (1) izzy Final-Logo-[Kento-8W] final logo sintia Final Logo Ringo 8R final logo cass final logo - maria Danielle-Richards-8R-Final-Logo-Design Black-Cat-Cafe-Logo Black Cat Coffee Shop Logo - Chloe copy bgs_gear-black 94ee0807-a318-44a9-8c5f-85844c93910a




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