This week saw the culmination of the Y12 chocolate design project, where pupils sold there products at the winter fare. Pupils and been working groups mixed with both Food and DT students and had design and branded their own chocolates, by 3d printing the shapes, vacuum forming the molds and then tempering the chocolate and packaging the finished products.


photo 1 (46) photo 2 (42) photo 5 (23) photo 1 (47) photo 1 (45) photo 2 (41) photo 5 (22)

The product all sold out very quickly and we could ahve sold alot more with more time to make them.

After all ingredients, material and the stall rents have been deducted the profits were donated to Masarang foundation. Below is the amounts each team made.


Guilty Pleasures – $541

CATCH – $559

Chocolate factory – 245


This make CATCH the winner!

Well done to all groups, as they all worked extremely well together and  made high quality products. We will definitely be running this project again next year.


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