In this week of lord’s kitchen we looked at the Italian favourite  staple food, pasta. We began by brainstorming the different pasta shapes and the proper names for them, then the different pasta dishes that students knew. This was then followed by demonstrations of how to make homemade spaghetti, tagliatelle, ravioli and fetuccini, which then followed by different sauces. Pupils were shown to make roux and ragu sauces and then were given the chance to make their own pasta a nd sauce dish. There were some really nice  tpesto, flavoured pasta ravioli with mushroom and 3 cheese filling and spinach and ricotta raviolli with lemon and olive oil sauce, as well as a lot of cheese sauces and of course some big meatball from the boys.

Overall a very successful lesson with lots of perfect pasta made. This weeks chefs of the week were Amelia King and Chiara Urch for their great organisation and teamwork to make perfect Ragu Fetuccini.

photo 5(1) photo 4(1) photo 3(1) photo 2(1) photo 1(1)


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