The pupils from Food Lover’s Guide to Culture where contacted by the Stage manager of the Drama Elements to put on some food for their Cyberspace performance. We decided it was a great opportunity to show of skills and understanding of International flavours by providing a range of canapes.  We then contacted Textiles and asked if they would like to display their World of Wearable Art paces.


The Canapes on offer were;

Chinese Hoi Sin Duck Spoons

Mexican Salsa Puffs and Re-fried Bean/Jalepeno Whirls

Eastern European Smoked Salmon Bilini’s

Italian Pesto and Balsamic Vinegar Bites (with the occasional Olive).

American Mini Choco-Banoffee Tartlets


photo 2 (17) photo 1 (19) photo 2 (16) photo 2 (16)





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