In this week’s class we learnt about all things meat. Firstly we brainstormed all the different types of meat and whicj animals they come from. This brought up some interesting examples depending on different countries, such as Guinea pig from Peru and Dog in some parts of Asia.

Pupils where then shown how to fry beef steak, duck breast and pork chop and how to make a lamb casserole.

It was then time to joint a chick! Aftyer being shown how to de-head, and remove the feet, pupils divided the chicken into wings, thighs; drumsticks and breast meat. This created a real excitement and pupils took to the task with gusto. We then had a chicken lunch with Breaded Chicken Goujons, Honey Mustard/Chilli Chicken Wings, Curried Chicken Thighs’s and  Mexican Drumstick. All very Delicious. The Chicken Carcuses  were also boiled off to make stock to use in next weeks lesson.

This was a lesson that pupil’s will remember for long time to come!

Jason Li was Chef of the week as he was the most efficient pupils when it came to jointing his chicken with, hardly any meat left on the body.

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photo 2 (23) photo 1 (25)




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